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NOLA Jazz and Heriatage Festival

Tim Laughlin - Pete Fountain Tribute If you love music, you should visit the Jazz and Heritge Festival at least once in your live.   And food....if you love food, you should visit too!  Music and food.  The New Orleans way. The festival runs the last weekend of April and the first weekend in May, and showcases some of the finest musicians you will ever hear.  While they will usually book A list acts, some of the best music will take place on the smaller stages and tents.  You would regret not hearing some fine lesser known groups, that you may never hear again, because you wanted to see someone who you could catch next month some where. Martha and Will played hosts.  As locals, they will typically come every day, so long at the weather holds.  We were fortunate to get a ride with them. We had tickets for all three days of the first weekend.  We went for two days, and got rained out on the third.  The weather was bad enough that they didn't even open the gates until

New Orleans

Jackson Square We spent just over a week and a half visiting the New Orleans and the surrounding area.  The main reason we came was to go to the first weekend of the Jazz Fest.  It was a return visit for us.  We came with good friends in 1990.  A bit has changed since then. Fortunately we have friends and family who call this wonderful area home.  We visited them, and made some new ones.  It is one of the reasons we now live this way.  Oh the things you will see, and the people you will meet!  Like Wade Norris who commented on AIROSMITH, "As campers, we want to be proud of our equipment, don't we?" We stayed at the Fairview-Riverside State Park  in Madisonville, Louisiana.  The park is located on the North shore of Lake Pontchartrain, and sits alongside the Tchefuncte River.  It wasn't new to us as we stayed here in December 2010.  But the park has been updated since then.  Speaking with the Park Manager, they put in a new entry station and new bathhous