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Big Bend National Park, West Texas

We spent the better part of two weeks at Big Bend in early April.  The initial plan was to camp at the Rio Grande Village campground, and drive the park from there. Now, this is Texas and the folks here think nothing of driving seventy miles or so for dinner.  However, this park encompasses over 800,000 acres.  It took us over an hour to arrive from Marathon, where we provisioned for our stay. The camping at Rio Grande Village, while at a developed campground had no services to hook up to.   Dry camping, so we were relying on the on-board water and our solar system.  We could sit outside of AIROSMITH and watch Roadrunners, Turkey Vultures and Vermilion Flycatchers prowl the campground. Vermilion Flycatcher Roadrunner Turkey Vulture Mexican Jay Desert, Mountains, River The park encompasses three distinct ecological systems.  The Desert, the Mountains and the River.  We visited