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Jedediah Smith State Park, California

We last visited the California Redwoods four years ago, and for a shorter stay.  It allowed short drives in the area, the main one being the Newton B Drury Scenic Parkway, and several shorter offshoots.  We chose to extend this visit to allow for more exploration. The Redwoods National Park is a bit unique in that it also encompasses three California State Parks.  The Del Norte Coast Redwoods, the Jedediah Smith Redwoods, and the Prairie Creek Redwoods.  They extend over 60 miles between Crescent City to Trinidad along the  Redwoods Highway (CA101).  Here you can see the tallest trees in the world mixed with rugged pacific coast.   Here is our visit to the Jedediah Smith State Park which consisted mostly of a drive along the dusty and narrow Howland Hill Road, and several walks among these massive giants. Grove of the Titans This is a three mile round trip hike through these massive Redwoods.  The trail is newly constructed and upon arriving at the Grove you find yourself on raised me

Trees of Mystery Klamath, CA

    Anticipating our slow speed trip down the Pacific Coast I pursued a “Visit California” online article looking for places to visit.  One of the featured stops was the Trees of Mystery road side attraction.  Normally we prefer more natural settings, but this was close to our campground and we had the time.  So, what the hell lets visit!  We were truly surprised and pleased that we had decided to do so. Don’t be put off by the giant, talking Paul Bunyan and Babe his blue ox, that can offer a very personal welcome. First off, the End of the Trail  museum, located in the back of the expansive gift shop, is one of the best small museums that we have visited.  It’s a comprehensive collection of Native American history and artifacts.  The visit here costs nothing, but worth much more.  It reminded me in a way of Charlie Eagle Plume’s small establishment just outside of Allenspark, Colorado.  The place will easily consume an hour of your time, and possibly more.  Nations from the coasts, m