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Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas

  We have enjoyed Texas State Parks when ever we have visited them in the past.  During our first year of travel, some one strongly suggested a visit to the  Palo Duro Canyon State Park .  Finally our travel plans allowed for a visit.  We scheduled a week long stay to enjoy the park as much as possible. The Palo Duro Canyon is advertised as the second largest canyon in the United States.  I’ll have to take their word for it, because we have seen some mighty big canyons, and this one doesn’t seem to fit the bill.  That said, it is well worth the visit and we enjoyed our stay here. Our site was in the Mesquite Campground located at the far end of the park.  This allowed us to drive the length of the park each time travelled.   We continued our birdwatching on our hikes in the park.  We were fortunate to have a flock of Wild Turkey that walked through on a regular basis. There were many hiking and biking opportunities for us in the park.  My longest bike ride was the almost 14 miles that