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New York City

After we started traveling, we began looking for a place to park AIROSMITH in or near New York city.  We knew that we would visit one day, and wanted to stay as close as possible. The only RV Park that we found that was in the City was on Floyd Bennet Field in Brooklyn.  It is a part of the Gateway National Recreation Area . While the idea, and the location is great, the amenities, not so much.  It is about 9 spaces on a concrete pad with no hookups.  The price, at about $30 a night is great!  It is also close to a bus line and the subway, so access to the city is easy.  Once you are there. Instead, we found the Liberty Harbor Marina and RV Park in Jersey City.  The place is fantastic.  Even though it is in the middle of the city, it offers one of the best views of the Manhattan skyline that you could want.  Transportation, either by ferry or by train is within walking distance.  As are restaurants and shopping. We had five days here, and had much that we want