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......and Preperations

Much of our time in the next month or so will be spent preparing.  We have been following several Blogs over the last year, learning from the experience of others.  These folks have spent multiple years on the road.  Here are some of our favorites. WatsonsWander    This is a couple who refurbished an Airstream trailer, and have been on the road for since 2012.  I like the idea of refurbishing an Airstream, but like the idea of traveling better.  It is one of the reasons why we purchased a new trailer.  I do like their set-up though.  It reminds me a lot of what we should look like traveling down the road.  We are bringing along bike and kayaks too. Gone With the Wynns   These guys began traveling in an RV and sharing not only their adventures, but lessons about what they have learned, what equipment works best, and places to visit.  They recently traded the Motor Home for a Sail Boat.  They are full of great ideas, and really fun to follow. The Greatest American Road Trip - 59 Pa


Downtown Courthouse We returned from the Big Island, Hawaii on December 21st.  Taking up residence in the Homewood Suites in Boulder.  I have taken to calling it the "Homeless" Suites, given our current housing situation. It was a bit of a change.  It is snowing heavily, and 5ยบ F as I write this. We are back in Boulder to celebrate the Holidays, tie up loose ends, and say some farewells. Also, AIROSMITH the Airstream won't be outfitted and ready for delivery until the end of February. However, being transient in my own hometown has brought on some interesting feelings.  I would not call it unmoored though I have always had a home-base here.  I find myself sitting at breakfast in a hotel amongst visitors in my hometown.  Like a visitor.  Those who have moved on from where they grew up may not feel it, but I have always been here.  This has always been home-base.  This place is a part of my identity. We do have places to stay, thanks to friends and family, and