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Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico

We arrived in Loreto intending to land at the Loreto Shores RV Park.  Our map took us into some very narrow streets, so we decided to seek out another park.  We found a full hook up site at Romanita 2 RV Park.  It is a bit unusual, in that there are dry camping sites in the shade, and all of the FUH ones are located in a gravel lot, at the close end of the park, all lined up in a row.  The entire campground is located at the side of the Arroyo las Parras.  While setting up, Tom (the on-site camp host) suggested we park in such a way to block the wind that would be coming up the arroyo.  An excellent suggestion! We had intended to stay 3 nights in Loreto , though changed our minds after having dinner at Orlando’s our first evening here.  The owner said that we were now in Easter Week, which is the biggest holiday in Mexico.  He said that it would be “crazy” here over the weekend, and traffic to and from Loreto would be a nightmare.  We chose to add 5 more days to our stay, and leave the