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Music of the South

Over the last several months we have noticed developing themes.  Beginning in New Orleans through Memphis and on through Nashville we have been drawn to the music.  Much of it interconnects these cities.  You wonder if any of the music in one place could have happened if not for all the other places.  The other strong connection, and an observed theme is Liquor.....but I'll save that for another post. Once in Memphis we headed to Graceland.  We felt that it was more about the man than the music.  To understand the music, you need see where it all happened.  Downtown Memphis.  While some of these places are still working recording studios, most offer a museum showcasing the history and the impact that their artists had on the world.  The written tour guides suggests allowing an hour or two per visit.  Somehow that didn't work for us as we found ourselves staying much longer. Sun Records Our first stop was Sun Records "Where Rock and Roll was Born"..

Memphis Tennessee

The main reason to visit Memphis was to connect with good friends Jill and Scott.   They were wonderful hosts while we were in town, and we had the additional benefit to visit with both Jill and Scott's Mom's. Every time we see them, which isn't nearly often enough, we understand just how important your close friends are. This really is one of the core reasons we wanted to travel.   Taking opportunities to see friends and family along the way. One afternoon Jill picked us up and we met Scott who had spent the morning golfing at his club.  After lunch we collected fishing gear, out of Scott’s clubhouse locker, ordered up a golf cart, and headed off to fish the water hazards on the golf course.  Scott has caught some very large Bass from out of these lakes.  We spent the next hour or so, avoiding players on the fairways, and casting for Bass, Bluegill, and Crappie!  Scott tends to keep a fishing rod with him, as he plays golf.  I can see why!  We're going