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So, how did this whole damn thing get started anyway?

It is a question that we get, and I will tell you our story.  I have been fortunate to live in Boulder Colorado for most of my life.  It is my hometown.  I spent my entire career in Boulder County.  We have family, and life-long friends there.  Our kids and grandkids will call it their home too.  We are VERY vested in this community. We built our home in the foothills above Boulder thirty seven years ago. The home was located in the VERY best spot in Boulder County. I was very fortunate to be able to retire in 2010.  When people would ask me what I was going to do, my stock answer was, "Anything I damn well please!"  Anyone who has checked my Facebook page have seen that I am doing my best to make good on that. This included a half dozen trips in our small travel trailer named Rocinante.  We covered almost 20,000 miles, saw many sights, and visited many friends and family.  Each of those trips had a begining and an end.  Always to return home, to plan the next advent

Moves and More Moves

It is not as if we have been doing nothing while waiting to begin our adventure.  February had us moving our son, Ryan, from Dearborn Michigan to Boulder.  We flew to Detroit on February 1st and helped him finish packing his small house into a 15ft U-Haul truck. While in Dearborn we spent time with Ryan's boys, and dined at one of our favorite places.   La Pita  is a Lebanese restaurant, very near to where Ryan has lived.  It has always been a great place to visit and eat, and holds many great memories. It always strikes us how Dearborn is such a diverse a community.     Ben Steff jumped an airplane back to Colorado on the 5th.  At the same time, Ryan and I hit the road with the truck, a car hauler, and Ben.  Ben is Ryan's 3 year old, 120 lb, Neapolitan Mastiff.  We were fortunate that Ben agreed to ride in his kennel in the back of the truck, rather than in the cab with us.  Something he was becoming more and more reluctant to as time wore on.  Luckily, my strappin