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Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix

    If you plan to visit the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix you should schedule more than one day to do so!  It is the largest museum of its kind found anywhere in the world.  The 200,000 square feet, with galleries on 2 floors, house a collection of over 15,000 instruments and related objects.  Also included is theater and concert hall that can seat almost 300 people. Opened in 2010, the story of how it came to be is quite interesting.  We scheduled a day to visit.  We should have arrived earlier, and showed more endurance to stay until closing….though we almost made it!  We heard that for a slight up-charge you can snag a two day ticket.  I would advise doing so. Our day included exploring the galleries on the first floor, light lunch at the Cafe, and a 90 minute orientation tour after lunch. The first floor had the Acoustic America Exhibit that will be there until September.  Then you can visit the Artist Gallery, the Mechanical Music Gallery the Experience Gallery and the Co