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Mammoth Caves National Park

We visited Mammoth Caves National Park in late May.  It became a two night stop between Nashville, Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky.  A travel goal is to visit our National Parks as we can.  Those we are not able to visit, we mark for a future visit.  To this point we have done well. The visit to Mammoth also presented a first for us on the road.  We stayed, for the first time, at a park with no hooks-ups.  For us that meant no water, electric or sewer.  The major challenge was to see how our solar system would work and how long our fresh and waste water tanks would hold out! The Mammoth Cave complex is the worlds largest cave system, with more than 400 miles of it having been explored.  There is much more of the cave that has been untouched and unseen.  The best way to visit is to take a tour.  Underground. Historic Entrance Historic Entrance The limestone labyrinth is capped by a layer of sandstone making the complex very stable.  There are &

Wine and Spirits

I like to tell people that switching to a lower carb diet has forced me to wine and hard liquor.  I do miss beer....real beer, and drink it rarely.  Over all it could be worse. Traveling through Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri has provided ample opportunity to explore the varieties of whiskey and wine crafted here.  We found that while there are similarities, there are also  many differences.  And there in lies the pleasure. For instance.  In Tennessee you quickly learn the difference between Bourbon, and  Tennessee Sipping Whiskey.  Little did I know.  Never tempted with a "Coke and Jack", preferring the pleasures of Single Malt, or a good blended Scotch Whisky. Our first introduction was in Eastern Tennessee, at the Tennessee Hills Distillery, covered in a previous post.  Here they craft Corn Liquor or Moonshine.  It has much going for it.  For a distiller, there are advantages, most notably a quick trip to the market.  No, I don't mean the car chases through th