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Montana and Glacier National Park

We spent much of August in Montana.  The impetus was a Lampman family reunion that was scheduled nearly two years ago.  The destination was to be Glacier National Park.  We made our reservations, with the idea that we would be traveling full time by that time.
We left Colorado, after spending most of July visiting friends and family.   Our stops along the way included Lander Wyoming, Red Lodge, and Butte in Montana before reaching our destination at the Outback Montana RV Park just south of Bigfork on the shores of Flathead Lake.
We arrived in Bigfork almost a week before everyone else, giving us the opportunity to scout out the area before everyone else arrived.
We checked out Wayfarers State Park, and the water access to Flathead Lake.  We checked out the small grocery and excellent liquor store.
Best of all, we drove the 45 minutes to West Glacier and the main entrance to Glacier National Park.  We parked at the Apgar Visitors Center, and waited for the free shuttle to Logan Pass, via …

The Katy Trail Missouri

My Bride read about the Katy Trail in Motorhome Magazine and suggested that we should take a look.  It is one of the nations oldest "rails to trails" systems, and at 240 miles is the longest.    The rail-bed was the home of the Kansas Missouri and Texas Railroad, known as the KT.  There is an excellent map and description of services you can find along the way.

While many folks ride the entire length self supported, it is also very rideable in sections.  My Bride especially liked the fact that it gains a total of 500 feet in elevation, over the 240 miles.  She felt that she could handle that type of climbing!

The Motorhome article suggested campgrounds along the way, and we generally followed their recommendations.  Our plan was to spend several nights at each and do shorter daytrip rides out of our campground.  The article also suggested various places to visit, eat and explore.

Our first stop was in St. Charles and our campground was only minutes away by bicycle.  We rode…

Mammoth Caves National Park

We visited Mammoth Caves National Park in late May.  It became a two night stop between Nashville, Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky.  A travel goal is to visit our National Parks as we can.  Those we are not able to visit, we mark for a future visit.  To this point we have done well.

The visit to Mammoth also presented a first for us on the road.  We stayed, for the first time, at a park with no hooks-ups.  For us that meant no water, electric or sewer.  The major challenge was to see how our solar system would work and how long our fresh and waste water tanks would hold out!

The Mammoth Cave complex is the worlds largest cave system, with more than 400 miles of it having been explored.  There is much more of the cave that has been untouched and unseen.  The best way to visit is to take a tour.  Underground.

The limestone labyrinth is capped by a layer of sandstone making the complex very stable.  There are "wet" areas where stalactites and stalagmites of calcium form maki…