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Peek-A-Boo Canyon Utah

 We arrived in Kanab on April 27. The intent was to explore some of the slot canyons here by hiking to and through them.  That is easier said than done!  Access to many of these canyons requires knowledge and skills that I don’t have.  Namely, knowing what you are doing while driving through deep sand.  Sure, I’ve got a high clearance four wheel drive truck, that I know how to drive.  What I don’t know is how and when do I deflate my tires, avoiding the specter of blocking the road because I am hopelessly stuck. That is precisely why we contacted Dreamland Tours , out of Kanab, Utah.  They offer a variety of tours throughout the area and their Peek-A-Boo Canyon was perfect for Steff and I.  We joined Natalie, our tour guide, and Alan and Melinda retired academics from Berkeley, and Margarita a woman traveling on her own, for an enjoyable morning adventure   Once in the canyon, words began to fail.  So I will leave these here with little commentary. Crinoids from the bottom of an ancie

Alaska Highway

I am finally getting around to posting about our epic journey during the summer of 2019.  This will be part one, of a six part series that tells the story of our trip to, through and back from Alaska.   To begin with here are some of the statistics from our trip.  It is hard to tell when ours began and ended, as we live full-time in AIROSMITH.  So to bookend it, we started our trip from Great Falls, Montana as it was our last stay in the lower forty-eight on the 25th of June.  We ended in Sandpoint Idaho, as it was our first stay back in the lower forty-eight on the 15th of September. We pulled the trailer 6,460 miles over those 86 days, staying at 35 separate sites.  A full 2,125 of those miles were inside the State of Alaska driving mostly on primary paved highways.  The remaining 4,300 plus miles was the trips through mostly British Columbia and Yukon Territories in Canada. The official Alaska Highway runs 1,387 miles between Dawson Creek, British Columbia and Delta Junction.  Our