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Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

  In retrospect we preferred this site to the one that we wanted inside the Valley of Fire State Park .  We arrived Thursday afternoon expecting to find a partial hookup site at the AtlAtl Rock campground, or in the alternative at the semi-primitive Arch Rock.  The draw to these campgrounds are that they are nestled in the amazing red sandstone rock formations that are actually fossilized sand dunes.  It is one of the draws to visit the park. We did not find any open site, which surprised even some regular visitors.   Hard living in the desert   While researching the park I made note that there is BLM land disbursed camping situated at both the east and west entrances.  Some of these campsites can get crowded.  We were lucky and found this isolated site about a half mile off the the entrance road on the wide open  mountain desert.  We were prepared to dry camp, and the site provided ample sun for our solar panels.  We had the peace and quiet of this isolation, forgoing what can be the

Death Valley National Park

  During our recent travels we have visited the southern most part of the Continental United States, Key West.  The most north western point in the Continental United States, Cape Flattery, Washington.  The arctic circle, Cold Foot, Alaska.  And we have visited the southern most point in the United States at Ka Lea on the Big Island in Hawaii and the Equator, Nanyuki, Kenya (admittedly both without AIROSMITH).  So, why not visit the lowest elevation in North America?  You would find that at the Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park . When we decided to visit, all of the National Park campgrounds were closed due to California Covid restrictions.  The only campground we found in the park was the Fiddlers Campground at The Ranch at Furnace Creek .  While the campground is a part of the Resort, it is a no hook-up site, meaning we were dry camping at a high end resort.  The advantage at being at the resort was that we had access to the amenities there.  Especially access to the pool.