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Sweetwaters Camp - Nanyuki Kenya

August 7 thru 10, 2018 To get to Sweetwaters Tented Ca mp you have to cross the equator.  This involved a three hour bus ride to the camp.    We all piled into three busses for the ride.  An impressive task expertly managed by Jacqui and Karen, our fearsome leaders.  The gave us a briefing on what to expect at our equator stop, including preparatory remarks regarding the market located there.  Negotiate, bargain, and beware. Also, when a bus breaks down you double up on the people and the luggage.  It is all good! Mount Kenya at dawn Sweetwaters is a tented camp that is located within the Ol Pejeta Conservancy .  We were scheduled for three nights.  Our days would be occupied with buffet style meals, and game drives. The Conservancy encompasses over 90,000 acres between the Aberdare foothills and Mount Kenya.  In the colonial period it served as a large cattle ranching area.  More recently it has become a sanctuary for the Blac