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Governor's Camp the Maasai Mara, Kenya

August 12 to August 15 Check In We arrived at the airstrip early.  The group, with whom we had travelled with for the last week, would split up today.  About half of us were on our way to Governor's Camp , while the others would return to Nairobi to head home, or on to other tours or camps.  We made our good-byes, wishing our new friends safe travels.  We then set off for "check in and boarding".  Our group would board 11 passenger Cessna Caravans for the hour flight to the Mara. Baggage Check Governor's Air This visit to Governor's Camp was the reason we decided to make this trip.  Jacqui has been leading this tour for a number of years.  She usually extends her stay at Governor's after the group leaves. This is where she has seen and photographed all of the animals she used to sell us on the trip.  She is well known here and should be considered a part of the staff.  Upon arriving, it was obvio