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Wyoming and the Eclipse - August 2017

2017 Solar Eclipse How often do you get a chance to be in the middle of a full Solar Eclipse? We had originally planned to head to Canada, after our Family Reunion in Montana.  We had several weeks to spend before volunteering for the Tour of Alberta pro bicycle race held over Labor Day.  We would travel in Alberta and British Columbia before checking in for the race. Then we started looking at the eclipse.  Some of the Smith family were headed to the Cole Creek Sheep Company , and Shelly and Kem's home, which sits directly in the path of "totality".  The large ranch is located just outside of Casper, Wyoming. We had recently travelled through Casper on our way to Glacier National Park.  Looking at the map, I mentioned to My Bride that we would be "backtracking".  She reminded me that we don't backtrack....we travel.  As always, wise words. We planned our trip to Casper and took the opportunity to visit another cousin and his family, who liv