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Taliesin West, Arizona

Frank Lloyd Wright came to Arizona in 1937, when he was 70 years old.  He came here for his health.  This was not only his home and office, but was also a school and lab for budding Architects that were learning from the master. The place mirrors the materials, topography, and setting of the area.  The home sits at the base of the MacDowell Range and overlooks Phoenix and the Paradise Valley. Wright was heavily influenced by nature.  At Taliesin West , he worked to allow the building to flow into the surrounding landscape.  He used materials from the desert, matching for the most part colors and textures.   Our visit included a docent led two hour tour.  Taking the tour provided context that we would not have had otherwise. Approaching the complex you arrive at an outdoor courtyard.  Right away you see Wright’s influences.  The desert masonry tower announces its presence immediately.  Looking closer you notice a hammer imbedded high up on the tower.  There are several stories about th