Robolites - Palm Springs, California

When we checked into Horizon Village and RV Park, Dee told us two "must see" events in Palm Springs.  The first was the downtown Villagefest, held every Thursday night.  The next was Robolites.

Horizon Village is a most eclectic park.  It is mostly a mobile home park, with many full time
residents, many of them older.  They are some of the nicest people that we have met since being on the road.  Just after we set up here, neighbor TJ brought us homemade Bean Soup and Cornbread for supper, and to welcome us to the neighborhood.  On the other side of the park, Mary insisted that I pick fresh lemons from her tree.

The park has about 30 "temporary" spaces for people like us.  The park was recommended by good friends, and some time travel companions Tracie and Alan who stayed here earlier this year.  Many of the full time homes are decorated in a wonderful style which reflects the character of Palm Springs.

Villagefest is a BLOCKS long street fair complete with music, food, crafts and dogs.  They even had
fireworks with an amazing finale!  I had perhaps the best street tacos ever!  I was able to add to my growing bolo tie collection.

Robolites is in a category all to itself.  Since it is open to the public during the holiday, one would think it is only a holiday display.  In fact the artist, Kenny Irwin Jr has been building these pieces since he was 9 years old.  All of these are in and around his home located in Frank Sinatra's old neighborhood.

The display is so popular that the city has had to implement crowd and traffic control plans.  For us, a short walk from the Ruth Hardy Park, got us entrance for about an hour of surreal holiday spirit.  I can't quite describe it so I'll let the pictures speak for them selves.  Enjoy the walk.  It took us over an hour!

Come on it to Robolites!!

ATV's gone bad?

Wheelchair Roller Coaster!!


Little does she know what is next!

Whose old sandal?



Little Robot on a Robot's Arm.

Rest In Pieces??

I have felt like this on a bike.

Who knew?

Going nowhere fast...

Santa's House

I really have no idea.

Fries with that burger?

I feel safer already

Surf Dog

Armed Snowmen?

Can't help looking in here, can you?

Left overs?

(music) It's a small world after all...(music)

Security. idea but it's got a power strip!

The tree is up!

Motorcycle Merry-Go-Round


Big Daddy



Golf anyone?

Okay, this is mildly disturbing.

This too.

All Things Microwaved

Microwaved "eyePods"

Keep Right...or Else.....


Father Christmas

This was not a part of Robolites, but it was pretty cool!


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