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We returned from the Big Island, Hawaii on December 21st.  Taking up residence in the Homewood Suites in Boulder.  I have taken to calling it the "Homeless" Suites, given our current housing situation.

It was a bit of a change.  It is snowing heavily, and 5º F as I write this.

We are back in Boulder to celebrate the Holidays, tie up loose ends, and say some farewells.

Also, AIROSMITH the Airstream won't be outfitted and ready for delivery until the end of February.

However, being transient in my own hometown has brought on some interesting feelings.  I would not call it unmoored though I have always had a home-base here.  I find myself sitting at breakfast in a hotel amongst visitors in my hometown.  Like a visitor.  Those who have moved on from where they grew up may not feel it, but I have always been here.  This has always been home-base.  This place is a part of my identity.

We do have places to stay, thanks to friends and family, and we are planning several trips, including one to move our son back to Boulder from Dearborn Michigan.
Michelle, Shawn, Me at Vail

Once back in town, I took advantage to ski Vail with good friends, Shawn and Michelle.

Being with them in Vail recalls so many fine days spent skiing with their Dad, and my friend, Jon.

I finally got my ski legs under me, following a spectacular fall in the powder of Sundown Bowl.  I have cut the fall from the video, featuring only my classic powder skills.

Christmas was spent with family here.  Steff was happy that she didn't have to cook all of the cookies.  Ashley provided a fine prime rib, and we had a wonderful time.
Christmas Dinner

Juan, Vadin & Me at Eldora
I also had the chance to catch several runs with Juan and Vadin at Eldora.  There is nothing much better than grabbing some turns with my grandson and best ski partner!  Juan is a "boarder" like Vadin's mom.  But we have  forgiven them for that.

Happy New Year!
All in all, we are enjoying staying in town, and visiting many of our old haunts. How many times have I driven past the Flagstaff Star?  I don't recall a winter that I didn't see it.  I will miss living here. Though the idea, the anticipation of our nomadic adventure overcomes any feeling to stay planted here in my hometown.  I know that I will always return.  Niwot's curse you know.

Flagstaff Star


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