Mackinac Island, Michigan

The very best thing about Mackinac Island is that they don’t allow cars here.  You can arrive by either boat or airplane, but once you are here, you get around either by foot, bicycle, or horse.  Electric bikes are considered a motor vehicle and are similarly banned, unless you are disabled and show proof.  The magic of this though is captured buy traveling by horse.  

Horse drawn taxis and carriages abound here.  There are riding stables, carriage tours, and horse drawn hotel shuttle.  You can even rent a drive your own cart, after taking a short class of course.

We purchased a ferry ticket to the island from Sheplers Ferry which included a several hour long Horse Drawn Carriage Tour.  This allowed for an overview of the Island and a visit to the Surry Hills Museum, and the Grand Hotel Horse Barn.

Carriage Tours leave from downtown, just off of where the Ferry lands

Two horse power.  Belgian Draft Horse power!

They use Percheron Draft Horses to pull the larger carriages  

Chandeliers in the horse barn

A tack room like no other

The Grand Hotel horses have it good!

The Grand Hotel carriage museum has an amazing colletion

Five US Presidents have ridden in this carriage on the Island.  Truman, Kennedy, Ford, Bush, and Clinton

These are displays in the Surry Hills Museum

Fire Response back in the day

When you have to get around the Island in winter

Access to the Island is usually by Ferry

My Bride patiently waiting for her ride

The ferry ride lasts about 30 minutes

Our ride took us under the Mackinac Bridge.  We drove over it the day before.

Mighty Mac

Round Island Light

A must stop is the Grand Hotel, and the worlds larges front porch

A porch where you can enjoy a glass of wine and a stunning view

Arch Rock

Fort Mackinac and Marquette Park

Water Front

We visited when the Lilacs where in bloom

This is said to be the oldest Lilac on the Island

You only need to look at it’s trunk to know that it has been here a while


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