Bryce Canyon National Park

 We explored Bryce Canyon National Park from the Kodachrome Basin State Park, only a short drive away.

In Bryce you can see The Grand Staircase completely.  It is the world’s most complete sequence of sedimentary rocks.  It spans over 525 million years of history.  From the bottom of the Staircase at the Grand Canyon, you can easily see the Chocolate and then the Vermilion Cliffs near Kanab.  Then come the White Cliffs, Gray Cliffs, and at the top, the Pink Cliffs of Bryce and the Paunsaugunt Plateau.  The landscape here is like no where else.

While you could spend weeks exploring here, these photographs account for our single day visit.

Not quite sunrise, but at Sunrise Point

Navajo Trail from Sunset Point

Thors Hammer

Start of the Navajo Trail from Sunset Point

Navajo Trail

Two Bridges

Western Bluebird

Nesting Pair

Queen Victoria

Final climb up Queens Garden Trail

Agua Canyon Raven

Natural Bridge

Life finds a way


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