The White Pocket

The White Pocket

The White Pocket is found in the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument on the border of Utah and Arizona.  A two and a half hour drive from Kanab Utah brings you to what appears to be another world.

This is located south of the Coyote Buttes area of the park where one can find the more popular formation called The Wave.  While these two areas have become so popular to visit that they now require permits, thereby by reducing the number of daily visits, The White Pocket can be visited without a permit.  For now.

I again contacted Dreamland Safari Tours out of Kanab for my visit.  These tours are helpful in several ways.  First, access roads can be quite rough and difficult to navigate.  A tour operator will know the way, and their vehicle takes all of the abuse.  Second, your tour guide will provide much more information about the area, especially when you are a new visitor.  In my case, Ian was an excellent guide.  He led another couple, David and Donna and I on an outstanding nine hour visit.

Guide Ian with David and Donna

Lone Tree

The Worm Hole

Lichen Scar, left on the stone when the Lichen dies

Moki Marbles

Moki Marble imbedded in sandstone


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