Oregon Capes

 We have been enjoying the Oregon coast for the last week.  Several things brought us here.  Visiting friends Fred and Patty who are Camp Hosts at Cape Lookout State Park.  Also most of Steff’s sister’s family has gathered for a time in Dallas Oregon.  I continue to say it, visiting friends and family while we have been on the road is the best thing about traveling the way we do.  The upside is that we also spend time in some amazing places.

This section of Oregon coast is home to the Three Capes, all located within about 40 miles of each other.  You can see all three in a single day.  The real challenge is how long to spend at any one. We based our stay in two places.  First was ‘Moochdocking’ as Steff’s Sisters place with loads of family time.  The next was at an RV park in Pleasant Vally just outside of Tillamook.

Cape Kiwanda

You are able to drive onto the beach, at low tide, park and walk along the surf  to the dune were you can climb for better views, or slide down on sleds for fun.

Located at Pacific City this long beach has a massive dune to climb and tide pools among sea stacks and jagged rocks.


The dunes are steep and the sands are shifting.  Bring your ‘A’ game to climb the steepest part.

Once on top the views are amazing!

Once back on the beach you can walk over barnacle covered rocks and through small tide pools to steep canyons cut by the waves.

Cape Lookout

Cape Lookout has this long sandy beach where you could walk about seven miles north, to the end of the spit, without ever taking your feet out of the sand.

The views are unending.  This is a nice picture of us, but because Fred and Patty are in ‘witness protection’ we could not post a photo of them!

Cape Meares

Cape Meares has these rock islands that are preserved as nesting sites for Murres, Puffins and other marine birds.  Harbor seals and sea lions rest on the rocks at the surf line.  Peregrine falcons hunt from the nearby cliffs.

The Cape Meares Lighthouse, while inactive now, served for years to guide mariners along the coast while keeping them free of the rocks that line the shore.

A walk along the cliffs and through the Sitka Spruce 

Pinnacle Rock, the furthest out, stands some seventy-five feet above the median tide.  In the winter waves will crash and overtop the rock.

A short walk from the parking lot brings you to the Octopus Tree

There is much to recommend a visit to the Three Capes along the Oregon Coast.


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