Anne of Green Gables, Prince Edward Island

The story of Anne of Green Gables is actually two stories.  The first is the book it’s self.  The other is of Lucy Maud Montgomery and her growing up on Prince Edward Island, and how that profoundly shaped her writing.

Our visit to this island was driven in many ways.  Not the least of it was wanting to visit friends Ivan and Diane, who call this island home.  We met them while staying just outside of Miami Florida in December of 2018.  We have been planning this visit since then, and this summer presented the first real opportunity.

Another reason to visit is Steff’s somewhat distant relation to L. M. Montgomery.  As we figured it, the two are First Cousins, three times removed.  Yes, it is a stretch, but reason enough to to explore her history.

Driving through this Island is reason enough for a visit.  It is the beaches, and coves.  The wonderful mix of potato farms, wheat fields, cattle and fishermen.  Lobstermen to be exact.  The people, music and atmosphere combine to make this a magical place.

A visit to Parks Canada’s Green Gables Heritage Place is as good as any place to start.  The preserved house here was the model for Green Gables.  The home was owned by Montgomery’s cousins.  Montgomery herself, grew up a kilometer away, in her Grandparents homestead, operated by Parks Canada as the L.M. Mongomery’s Cavendish National Historic Site.  You can purchase admission that gives you access to both.  They are within walking distance of each other.  Just a short jaunt through the Haunted Woods is all that it takes.

We started our exploration at Green Gables.  A walk through the visitors center provides a complete overview of  L. M. Mongomery’s life, in storybook fashion.  From the visitors center you then have access to Green Gables itself.  There are ranger led tours, or you are free to wander the grounds at will.


A highlight was the wall where you could see 40 covers of the international translations of Anne of Green Gables.

The Barn at Green Gables

Possibly Anne’s first ride to Green Gables

My Bride’s first visit to Green Gables

Green Gables is open to walk through.  There are interpreters throughout to answer any questions.  The house has been restored to accurately depict how it might have been as Anne’s home.

Gardens surround Green Gables bringing joy to visitors today, as they did in Anne’s.

A short walk through the “Haunted Woods” brings you past the wheat fields and to where L. M. Montgomery grew up, and spent a good part of here life.  The house no longer exists, but the gardens and woods where she spent her most formative years do.  You can walk the area and see the magic of the place.

L.M. Montgomery wished to return to where she spent so many pleasant years.  A short walk away from the home where she grew up you find the local Cavendish Cemetery where she rests.


My Bride takes a well earned rest, in the classic Parks Canada Red Chairs, after an afternoon exploring a small part of her history here on Prince Edward Island.


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