Akaka Falls - state Park

Akaka Falls

Monday morning started with the hope of catching an early morning Lava Boat from the Issac Hale Beach Park.  Fortunately for us, there wasn't room for us but more on that later.

Instead, we decided to visit a waterfall that we had read about.  It is located about 11 miles north of Hilo.  Parking in the parking lot, we took the half mile loop, giving us views of both he Kahuna and the Akaka Falls.

The Akaka Falls, at 442 feet, is the longest free fall waterfall in Hawaii.  It is located along the Kolekole River which begins on the slopes of the 13,803 ft Mauna Kea.

Rain Forest
There is an interesting legend regarding the origin of Akaka Falls and the chieftain who in remorse of his infidelities towards of his loving wife, and threw himself over the falls.
Rain Forest
The walk meanders through a rainforest, which receives over 84 inches of rainfall a year.  To walk the loop (follow the directions and walk it counter-clockwise) be prepared to navigate some stairs!
Kahuna Falls

The lookout for the Kahuna Falls gives you a view of this cascade working it's way through the forest.  There is water everywhere giving to a number of photographic moments.

I do wish I knew the flora and fauna better here on the island.  It is quite impressive.

After our short walk, we stoped at a roadside stand for fresh pineapple and coconut.  I'm not sure if it could get any better.


  1. What happened to the boat ride? You left us all in suspense. Now the blog has become a mystery novel.


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