Pu'uhonua o Honaunau - Place of Refuge

Pu'uhonua o Honaunau - Place of Refuge
It is Friday, so why not go to a Place of Refuge?  The interesting thing about Hawaii is the mix of culture and history.  It comes home when you visit the Place of Refuge, which has been designated as a National Historical Park.

Hale o Keawe
The history here extends back over a thousand years as royal grounds where kings and queens lived.  And alternately, a place of refuge for those who violated a Kapu, usually resulting in a punishment of death.  Getting there were particularly difficult, as it was Kapu to enter royal grounds.

Ki'i Protecting the Grounds
Most interesting is that the Hale of Keawe, or temple, is still used today by Hawaiians for worship and offerings.

Honaunau (Two Step) Beach

We started our tour of this area by snorkeling along the two step beach.  Once finished, we toured the complex.  

The Keone'ele Cove is considered sacred, and is the home of several Green Sea Turtles.  We were escorted around the grounds by small yellow birds, who seemed to consider themselves royalty.

Green Sea Turtle

Royal Birds?

Near the cove, there are several canoe houses, for royal use.
halau wa'a - Canoe


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