Images of the Big Island

Lava Rocks Kona
These last two weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii have almost been like paradise.  We are very fortunate to have been able to visit three sets of friends who live here.  We are indebted to Zina, Carla and Jake, and Jasmin, Brian, Derek and Meagan for being such wonderful hosts!  Most of all, were are honored to have friends like these people.  Visiting people who live and work here was the best way to see the island from a "local" perspective.  The activities and food where so much better than enjoying a "resort" experience.

Waipi'o Hostel

It is one of the reasons we have chosen our new nomadic lifestyle.  We hope to travel and visit the many people with whom we are lucky to call friends.  So stand-by, we may come visit you next!
Waipi'o Cookhouse

If you are a musician, or love someone who is you simply must visit Kiernan Music Company either online, or in Old Town Kainailu.  Talk to Brian or Derek.

Steff and Zina
If you visit here, look for good B&B's or Hostels that get you away from a resort and into the community.  Look for good local food.  The places on the side of the road, or tucked into corners of strip malls.

Black Sand Beach at Waipi'o Valley
Take a walk to the overlook, and look out for the chickens on the side of the road!  Take the small tour instead of the big one.  Go with your friends to the local music, food or craft venue.

Rent snorkel gear, and try not to be beat up too much by the strong surf of the Pacific.  Look down through crystal clear water and see the many fish.  And, look out to see the water spouts and the flukes of the whales as they return to home waters, as we did at Ho'okena beach yesterday.
Painted Church

Stop and look at the Painted Churches, and appreciate the art they contain.  The one at Pahoa has been moved TWICE by parishioners to save it from lava flows.

Painted Church - Pahoa
Most of all, enjoy the one with whom you are traveling, the times you share, and the friends, both old and new, you see along the way.

Tonight we board an airplane an fly back to the mainland, where our journey continues.

Philippine Orchid 

Lava Tree Sate Park


  1. Keep posting these. I'm enjoying every one of them.

  2. Here's wishing you a wonderful 2017. I look forward to keeping up with your adventures on this blog. An Arkie's Musings


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